Independent Living
With Peace of Mind

Non-invasive, remote monitoring of elderly loved ones living
alone by observing activity through water use. 

No cameras. No motion sensors. No wearables.



CarePenguin passively monitors the well-being of an elderly loved one through water use. No cameras!

Quick Installation

Simply attach to the water heater and pair to your WiFi through the CarePenguin app. That’s it!


For the price of a coffee order each month, you can know your elderly loved ones are okay.

CarePenguin in the News


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App Features

The Product

CarePenguin in Detail

To put it simply, CarePenguin is a sensor that is attached to the hot water output pipe in the house.

Connect the device to the home’s Wifi Network, and with our CarePenguin app we will alert you if something is wrong.

Check the app at anytime to see the last time your loved one was active.

Peace of mind at your fingertips

Know your loved one is okay at just a glance. CarePenguin lets you
know the last time your loved one was active.

Tracking Events of Water Use

The average senior citizen uses water seven times a day!

(Making tea, washing hands, running the dishwasher, etc.)

CarePenguin tracks water use for the purpose of ensuring a senior citizen is up and active. All of these activities indicate a water usage event that’s detectable by CarePenguin and patterns become obvious quickly.


Takes 5 minutes. That’s it!

CarePenguin easily attaches to the hot water pipe output from a water heater and pairs to WiFi through the CarePenguin app

Safe and easy

Our sensor plugs into a nearby outlet and attaches to the outside of the pipe. No changes in plumbing needed!

Notifications and Updates


If something is wrong, we’ll let you know

If we detect a lack of activity, we’ll notify you and encourage you to check in with your loved one to make sure everything is okay.

Updates on your loved one

In addition to being able to check in on your loved one anytime, CarePenguin sends regular updates on your loved ones activity.

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