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Funny Grandparent Holiday Stories

The holidays are a time for gathering with family, connecting over extravagant feasts, and counting our blessings. However, things don’t always go as planned. We asked our followers to share their funniest holiday moments with their grandparents and they delivered. We also accumulated some other “Grandparent stories” from Reddit and Bored Panda that will surely bring a smile to your face. Here are the best stories:

Unwanted company

From a CarePenguin follower:

When the kids were little, we used to have my parents as well as my mom’s mom, Grandma Beth, over for Christmas dinner. We loved hosting everybody! 

We also had some really good friends whose kids were the same age as ours, and they had no family in town. One year, we invited them over, also, for Christmas dinner. 

Dinner was a feast, with Honey Baked Ham and all of the normal sides such as green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, corn casserole, and all the rest.

After dinner, the kids ran around the house, playing very happily while the adults cleared the table and chatted amiably. The kids were noisy, but not any more noisy than normal.

Then, after about a half hour of this, Grandma Beth leaned across the table and said in a voice loud enough for everybody to hear, “For God’s sake! When are these people going to leave?”

Luckily, my friends are very understanding, and we all laughed about it later.

Gifts from Grandma

It’s five o’clock somewhere!

From Reddit:

We went for a Sunday brunch with my grandma who was 99 at the time (she passed away 2 years ago at 101). The server came to our table and asked if she could start us off with anything. My grandma piped up and said “I’d like a glass of red wine, please. Will anyone else be joining me?” My mum interjected and said “Mum, you can’t drink wine now. It’s 11 am.”

Unfazed, my grandma replied to my mum and said “I didn’t ask you what time it is, Katharine.”

I got a glass too because you never let a friend drink alone. Everyone in my family still quotes her on this almost 5 years later.

Shantzcd on Reddit

A “fun game”

Kinky Boots

From a CarePenguin follower:

Every year my mom makes a photo book that sums up all the important family events of the year and sends them to our extended family as Christmas gifts. One year, there was a section of the book highlighting my birthday in New York where we went to the Central Park Zoo, ate out, and saw Kinky Boots. 

My great grandma was skimming through the book and said, “Who’s Kinky Boots?” We explained to her that it was a musical not a person and she nodded, turned the page, and then two minutes later, turned the page back and again asked “Who’s Kinky Boots?” This repeated about three times before we just said we didn’t know who Kinky Boots was. 

Best Dressed

Clubbin’ Grandma

I called my grandma to wish her a happy 77th Birthday and jokingly asked if she wanted to go to the club with me that night.

She laughed and replied “Well I may get a drink or two but I aint twerking!”

Byrdman12103 on Reddit

Grandmas always make sure you’re warm

Scooter Gang

My grandparents bought two scooters, then purchased leather gloves, pants, jackets, and hats and zipped around their retirement community until grandma crashed into a fence (she was fine). It was awesome.

GunnarHamundarson on Reddit 

A Grandma who’s an ally

Potatoes featuring nudity

I once walked into my grandparents house. They were sitting in the kitchen. My grandma was peeling potatoes. My grandpa was sitting there watching. Naked. They acted like this was totally normal. We talked for a few minutes and then I left. Nothing was ever said.

Imawildedible on Reddit

Although you may be celebrating the holidays differently this year, I hope there is still plenty of laughter and memories being made. Zoom your grandparents, send them a card, let them know you love them, and have an amazing holiday.