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How UpsideHōM is Modernizing Independent Living for Older Adults

About a month ago we wrote a blog about how Wysefit is keeping older adults healthy as they age through science-based workout plans targeted to their specific needs. Continuing on with the theme of companies that are supporting the future of longevity, we’d love to share a company that’s modernizing independent living: UpsideHōM

11,000 people are turning 65 every day and the elderly population is projected to nearly double from 52 million to 90 million by 2050. 90% of older adults report that they want to “age in place.” Given the rapidly growing elderly population, senior citizens not only want to but will have to age in place. There will never be enough available space in independent/assisted living communities to accommodate all of them. UpsideHōM is solving this problem by building the world’s biggest senior living community without laying a single brick.

UpsideHōM offers fully managed turn-key apartments in intergenerational apartment communities. Older adults can live alone or with one or two other elderly roommates, a great solution for those that find themselves single in their later years. 

Some perks of living in an UpsideHōM include a HōM manager, maintenance and housekeeping, and one-bill simplicity. Think of the HoM manager as a personal concierge that can help get groceries delivered, transportation arranged, and inform you about local events and activities. UpsideHōM also provides regular housekeeping services as well as maintenance. Residents won’t have to worry about paying water, electric, cable and internet bills because UpsideHoM bills you monthly on one simple invoice for all included services. 

Similar to Wysefit, UpsideHōM also just graduated from the Techstars Future of Longevity Accelerator where they were given funding and mentorship to take their business to the next level. Not only is UpsideHōM’s business great for older adults in general, but especially now with COVID-19 running rampant through independent living / assisted living facilities and nursing homes. UpsideHōM’s apartments are dispersed throughout intergenerational apartment communities, and they’re absolutely beautiful. Check out their available “HōMs” in South Florida, Tampa, Jacksonville, Atlanta, and Raleigh.