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A Great Resource For Staying Updated on Elderly or Sick Loved Ones: CaringBridge

When my mom was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago, we were overwhelmed with people who wanted to stay updated and help in any way they could. They’d call and ask how things were going, check our Facebook pages for updates, and just about everyone wanted to bring us meals for chemo days. I’m happy to say that she is totally cancer free now thanks to great doctors and the love and support of friends and family! However, it would have been nice to have a way to communicate with everyone concerned for my mom and organize who was dropping off food and who was driving her to chemo. 

When I heard about CaringBridge, I immediately wished we had known about it when my mom was fighting cancer. CaringBridge is a non-profit organization that allows you to build a personal website to share health updates, photos and videos with the people you care about. Loved ones and friends receive an email every time an update is posted where they can like and comment, similar to a social media post. It also helps organize helpful tasks like bringing food over or arranging transportation. 

Having a loved one suffer through a health issue can be hard and emotionally draining, but CaringBridge makes it a little easier. Each personal website includes automatic updates so everyone gets an email update at the same time, messaging for thoughts and well wishes, as well as a “how to help” page with links to tasks they can help with or a gofundme page to donate to.  

People use CaringBridge for a variety of reasons ranging from pediatric care, chronic illnesses, or staying up to date on an elderly parent in hospice. Friends, family, and caregivers can stay connected and keep each other informed on the latest information and wellbeing of the person in need. It’s super easy to set up and share your website. 

If you have a loved one with a health issue, an elderly parent in nursing care, or even a new baby that you just want to keep friends and family updated about, consider making a CaringBridge site and as well as a donation so they can continue helping families free of charge.