CarePenguin new sensor setup screen and water heater

CarePenguin is Coming Soon!

Good news, CarePenguin is coming soon! We are working on the finishing touches before releasing our product to the general public. 

What is CarePenguin

CarePenguin non-invasively monitors the well-being of an elderly loved one by looking at their water use. Any time someone turns on a faucet anywhere in the house, CarePenguin detects it. Our studies show that the average senior citizen uses water seven times a day, which makes it a great way to see if your elderly loved one is up and active without having to install cameras or motion sensors in their home. 

Finishing Up Beta Testing

Thank you to the CarePenguin followers who have signed up for beta testing! The purpose of beta testing is to ensure that users could easily install the CarePenguin temperature sensor and give us feedback on the app. They received our sensor and installation guide, downloaded our app, installed the sensor themselves in just a few minutes, and then started observing their own activity and receiving notifications.

As we are getting feedback from our testers, we are tweaking the app to fit their needs and squash any bugs that may come up. 

So far, we have gotten some really positive feedback regarding the effectiveness of our app. Here are just a few quotes from some of our testers:

“It’s so simple, it’s genius.”

“I didn’t realize how much water we use. I’m now convinced this is a great idea and would buy one for my mom in a heartbeat.” 

“It works perfectly!” 

We have been blown away by the amount of people who have come to us asking when the product will be finished because they need it for their aging parents. We hear you and we are working hard to make CarePenguin publicly available ASAP, so stay tuned! 

Example of our Service

Here are a few pictures of what our sensor and app look like. The app shows the data from my (Marlo’s) grandparents’ house. As you can see, it shows the first time they were active this morning, the last time they were active, how many times they’ve been active today, as well as the last time the app received data from their house. At a glance, I can see that my grandparents are going about their normal daily routine.

This is what our sensor looks like when attached to the hot water output pipe in a home.