Older woman and son sitting at the table together

CarePenguin is Now Available!

We are so excited to officially launch CarePenguin! Our journey began only ten months ago with an idea that my dad and I had to help older adults aging in place remain independent while providing peace of mind to their families. Together, we built CarePenguin, a non-invasive solution to ensure that an elderly loved one living alone is okay.

CarePenguin detects activity in a home through water use. Water use is a great proxy for human behavior! Our studies show that the average senior citizen uses water seven times a day. The CarePenguin temperature sensor attaches to the hot water pipe output on a water heater and detects activity anytime someone turns on a faucet in the house. So basically, anytime your loved one turns on a faucet, that’s like saying “I’m okay. I haven’t fallen.” 

No cameras

No motion sensors

No panic buttons

No wearables

Just one sensor that detects activity throughout the entire house.

Users can check the CarePenguin app at any time to see the last time their loved one was active and receive notifications if we detect a lack of activity, encouraging them to check in and make sure everything is okay. We provide peace of mind for the price of $8.99/month (the equivalent of two Starbucks drinks). 

Know your elderly loved one is okay, be alerted if they’re not. Buy now!