CarePenguin observes water use to indicate well being CarePenguin in-home activity sensor

The Faucets in Your Mom’s Home Can Tell You if She’s Okay

Imagine if your eldelry loved one living independently could tell you “I’m okay,” ten times a day without having to do or change anything about their normal daily routine. With CarePenguin, they can!

CarePenguin’s Technology is Simple

CarePenguin’s technology to detect activity in a home is extremely simple, yet super effective. We observe water use as an indicator of someone being active in their house. The CarePenguin sensor easily attaches to the hot water pipe on a water heater and anytime someone turns on a faucet in the house, CarePenguin detects it. 

CarePenguin Detects All Types of Activities Using Water 

Our studies have shown that the average senior citizen uses water seven times a day. CarePenguin can detect activities such as feeding the dog in the morning with a splash of water in their kibble, making tea, rinsing a dish, washing hands, showering, doing laundry etc. 

Using water is essential to daily living from the moment you wake up until you go to bed at night. Water use is a great way to non-invasively see that someone is up and active and going about their normal daily routine while still respecting a senior citizen’s privacy. 

An Example of Activity at My Grandparent’s House

Using CarePenguin at my own grandparent’s house is a good example of how water use can be a great indicator of activity. This screenshot was taken at 9:00pm, showing the activity at my grandparent’s house on Monday.

CarePenguin app sensor graph screen
CarePenguin app sensor graph analysis screen

As you can see, it looks like my grandparents started their day at 6:47am, used water 15 times, and were last active at 8:30pm. The screenshot on the left shows a bar graph of their activity and the screenshot on the right shows the change in temperature on the hot water pipe. It’s pretty obvious that they were home and active all day on Monday. 

There’s no need to install AI cameras or motion sensors in a loved one’s home when CarePenguin is just as comprehensive and way more affordable. 

If you’re still thinking “But my parents don’t use hot water,” then take a look at this blog that describes how CarePenguin detects almost any water use, not just hot water.

If you think your family could benefit from CarePenguin, it is available exclusively on our website! Sign up today.