Assisted living housing

Customer Case Study: Parents in Independent Living

Are our elderly loved ones in good hands?

Placing aging parents in an independent or assisted living community is often a relief knowing that if something goes wrong, someone from the facility will check in on them. Most independent living communities have fall detection devices and panic buttons that residents can press if they need help. However, how do you, the adult child, know they’re okay? That was our customer Jon’s concern.

His parents are in their 90’s and live in a small townhome in an independent living community where a cord hangs on the wall to pull in case of an emergency. They also have motion detectors in their house, but their dogs walking around are a cause for false information. Jon worried about his parents, and even if they pulled the cord, that information gets sent to the fire department and the independent living community’s office, not to him personally. This is why he decided to give CarePenguin a try.

An easy, simple way to gain a little extra peace of mind

When asked how the installation process went between signing up online, receiving the sensor in the mail, and then setting it up at his parents house he said, “It all went fine and was easy. The toughest part was trying to get my parents to remember their WiFi password,” he laughed. 

Jon checks the CarePenguin app daily to make sure his parents are doing okay. “It’s simple. I like that I can quickly glance at it and get a good understanding of their activity for the day,” he told us.

Jon also set up Activity Zones in the app to receive alerts if there is a lack of activity at his parents’ house when there normally would be. He set three two-hour zones during the day when CarePenguin “watches” for activity. If there’s a lack of activity, it alerts you and encourages you to check in. Even with these zones set up, Jon still likes to look at the app frequently. “I check it almost as much as I check my cryptocurrency!” he joked. 

"I can tell when they start their day and when they sleep in a bit. It's interesting but it doesn't violate their privacy like cameras would" he told us.

Although he knows his parents are in good hands at their independent living community, now Jon can check in himself for a little extra peace of mind. 

CarePenguin non-invasively monitors the well-being of older adults living independently by observing their activity through water use. If you think you could benefit from CarePenguin, it is now available to purchase exclusively on our website!