CarePenguin Premium app alert for lack of activity

Case Study: CarePenguin Signaled that My Grandma was Sick

Why Emma chose CarePenguin

Living in Connecticut, Emma often worried about her out-of-state grandmother living independently in Colorado. Looking for a way to keep an eye on her grandmother, Emma stumbled upon CarePenguin and decided to give our sensor and app a try. 

Even though Emma’s mother only lives 10 minutes away from her grandmother and often visits and calls throughout the day, the two of them were excited to find a way to quickly and easily check that all was well at any time.

Emma signed up for CarePenguin online, invited her mother to her account in the app, and then her mother was able to install it in her grandmother’s home. From that moment on, they were able to non-invasively check in by just looking at her activity through the app.

CarePenguin detected lack of activity, indicating that her grandmother was sick

It provides such great peace of mind without having to call multiple times a day which can be hard to find the right time for my grandma. This is a nice way of checking in without her feeling like she’s being babysat,” Emma told us. 

Emma set up two activity zones during the day when CarePenguin would watch for activity. She set these zones for times when she knew her grandmother was usually active. One day, Emma started receiving alerts that activity was low at her grandmother’s house. She called her mom to check if everything was okay and found out that her grandmother wasn’t feeling well and had been lying down all day. “It’s so awesome that it works!” she said.

Older adults want to age in place

Emma’s grandmother is in the majority of older adults who want to age with dignity and remain independent by aging in place. Other solutions like motion sensors or cameras can feel extremely invasive of their privacy, which is why Emma likes CarePenguin. “I really like how non-invasive it is,” she told us. 

Emma checks the CarePenguin app multiple times a day to see that her grandmother is okay. Her mom bears most of the responsibility caring for her grandmother, but with CarePenguin, Emma feels like she can contribute by checking in from afar, and she can count on CarePenguin to alert her if there is ever a problem. 

If you think your and your family could benefit from CarePenguin, it is now available exclusively on our website. Click the button below to give it a try.