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How a Toaster Can Tell You if Your Aging Parent is Okay

Privacy matters

At CarePenguin, older adults’ privacy is extremely important to us. That’s why we built simple, non-invasive technology that detects activity in a home without the creepy factor of cameras or motion sensors. It’s great to see that we’re not the only ones with these values, as Japan-based company Informetis is working on an app that monitors activity through electricity.

Non-intrusive load monitoring technology

Informetis created the product InfoCare which uses a technology called non-intrusive load monitoring or NILM. InfoCare detects activity in older adults’ homes through their electricity. Their sensor is installed in the meter cupboard by an electrician and measures the electrical signal in the house. Their algorithm examines the “noise” to determine which appliances are in use, giving family caregivers a good picture of what their loved one’s day looks like.

Non-invasively monitor the well-being of elderly loved ones

The InfoCare app shows how much time loved ones spend using the oven, kettle, dishwasher, washing machine, and toaster. It’s helpful for family caregivers to know that their parents are going about their normal daily routine, as well as if they accidentally leave an appliance like the stove or oven on. 

InfoCare is not yet available in the US, but was featured in this BBC article. It’s currently being used in Japan where the elderly population is growing rapidly and there aren’t enough young people, family, or caregivers to care for them. This technology is being used in apartment buildings where older adults live to non-invasively check if they are okay. 

CarePenguin similarly detects activity. Takes 5 minutes to install! 

If this type of non-invasive monitoring peaks your interest, checkout CarePenguin! We detect activity in a home through water use. The average senior citizen uses water about seven times a day, indicating they are up and active and going about their normal daily routine. Adult children or other caregivers can see when their loved one started their day and how many times activity was detected that day. If there’s a lack of activity, CarePenguin alerts them, encouraging them to check in on their elderly loved one to make sure everything is okay.

CarePenguin is available to purchase in the US exclusively on our website.