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Join Our Facebook Group for Older Adults Living Independently

Our recent blog 3 Steps For Senior Citizens to Safely Age in their Own Homes sparked quite a discussion on Facebook among older adults living independently. This inspired us to start a Facebook group called Independent Living it Up! 

Join the community

The purpose of this group is to create a community where people who are living independently can share tips and tricks for aging in place, ask questions, or just enjoy each other’s company. Socialization is an important factor in living a long happy life and we thought it would be great for people to connect through this Facebook group. 

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The types of conversations that we’ve been seeing on our posts themselves have included how to get up after a fall, challenges with aging in place, different dynamics with family members, privacy, and other issues that older adults face on a daily basis. 

Independent Living it Up! is for these kinds of conversations where you can feel heard, supported, and understood. The goal is to make friends, have thoughtful discussions, and laugh. 

Join our Facebook group today!

If you’re interested in joining the group click here>

Once you’ve joined, introduce yourself! And don’t forget to invite your friends!

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