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Customer Case Study: Can’t Get A Hold of Mom

How do we know our elderly loved ones are okay?

When Mark’s mother didn’t answer her phone after many tries, Mark jumped in the car to check on her. He was worried because she is elderly and lives alone. Halfway to her house, his mother called him and said she forgot to charge her phone. He turned around, glad that she was okay, but frustrated by the situation. After this happened several times, Mark knew he needed a solution. 

As one of three brothers who care about their mom, Mark lives the closest to her, and therefore the responsibility of checking on her mostly falls on his shoulders. 

When he read the article about CarePenguin in the Denver Post, he ran the idea by his brothers. “It’s a genius idea,” Mark said. CarePenguin is a sensor and app that non-invasively monitors the well-being of older adults living alone by detecting activity in a home through water use. If it detects a lack of activity, it sends a notification to the family caregiver encouraging them to check in and make sure everything is okay. 

A little extra peace of mind

He and his brothers unanimously decided to give CarePenguin a try. Mark checks the CarePenguin app almost every day to see whether his mother has been active. If there’s ever a time she doesn’t answer her phone, Mark can just look at the app to see if she’s used water recently, saving him the 30-minute drive to her house. 

“It’s a great way to make sure she’s okay, while also giving her space and freedom,” Mark told us.

Like many adult children, Mark wants to know his mother is all good without bothering her or making her feel like she’s living under a microscope. CarePenguin is a simple solution to do that while still respecting her privacy. 

If you think you and your family could benefit from CarePenguin, it is now available exclusively on our website. The first 30 days are free and if it doesn’t work for you, we have a money-back guarantee!