Amazon Echo on table

Know Your Loved One is Okay Using Amazon Alexa

If your parent has an Amazon Alexa device, then Alexa Together could be an amazing service to let you know if your loved one is okay by detecting activity through voice recognition. 

Alexa Together’s value proposition, “Peace of mind for you. Independence for them,” is extremely similar to CarePenguin’s, “Independent living with peace of mind.” It’s great to see the world progressing towards passive monitoring to help keep older adults safe while aging in place!

Alexa Together offers a suite of features including 24/7 emergency response, fall detection response, customized alerts, activity feed, and remote assist. 

Each time your loved one says, “Alexa,” that is recorded as activity in the activity feed. You can set alerts to notify you when your loved one starts their day, or if there’s a lack of activity. You can also set reminders for your loved one on their Echo, manage shopping lists, link music services and more, all remotely. 

If your loved one says “Alexa, call for help,” they will be put in contact with Alexa Together’s 24/7 emergency response team and you will be notified of the call. Alexa Together is also compatible with third party fall detection devices and will call for help if a fall is detected. 

Like CarePenguin, you can also add other family members to your Alexa Together circle of support so siblings can share the responsibility of caring for an elderly loved one and stay connected, even from afar. 

Alexa Together just became available and they’re offering a six month free trial! If you sign up now, you’ll get a limited time offer of $19.99 per month or $199 per year after the free trial. Learn more about Alexa Together here.

CarePenguin also offers a non-invasive way to know a loved one living independently is okay without requiring the older adult to do or change anything about their normal daily routine. CarePenguin detects activity in a house through water use and displays that activity on our app where family members can see when their loved one started their day, how many times they’ve been active, and receive alerts if there’s a lack of activity. 

CarePenguin users can invite other family members to their account to keep an eye on their loved one and receive alerts. 

Water use is a great proxy for human activity as the average senior citizen uses water seven times a day! CarePenguin can detect activities such as washing hands, making tea, showering, doing laundry, or even putting a splash of water in a dog’s food bowl in the morning. Just one CarePenguin sensor detects activity throughout the entire house and no tools are needed to install.

If you think you and your family could benefit from CarePenguin, we’d love for you to sign up here! We offer a 30 day free trial and money back guarantee.

Who knows? Maybe someday we’ll integrate with Alexa Together! Our vision is to enable older adults to age in place while bringing peace of mind to their families by using non-invasive data points to get a better picture of someone’s health and wellbeing without invading their privacy. CarePenguin and Alexa Together share that vision and are both great solutions.