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Share the Responsibility of Caring for a Loved One, Even from Afar

CarePenguin customer Emma and her mom work as a team to care for her grandmother. Emma lives out of state, and her mom lives about ten minutes away from her grandmother. Even though her mom is close by to help out, Emma still worries about her grandmother, which is why she signed up for CarePenguin. One morning, Emma’s CarePenguin app alerted her. There was no activity at her grandmother’s house. This was very unusual, so Emma called her mom. They found out that her grandmother was sick and had not been able to get out of bed. Even though Emma lived out of state, she could use CarePenguin to alert her to a possible problem with her grandmother, and Emma and her mom knew early on that something was wrong and needed to be addressed. 

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As our loved ones age, we want to be there for them. Whether it’s helping with groceries, transportation, doctors appointments, or even just companionship, family is there. However, sometimes it can be difficult to share that responsibility when one family member or adult child lives further away. Oftentimes the family member that lives closest takes on the majority of the responsibility of caring for a loved one. CarePenguin allows multiple family members to share that responsibility, even from afar.

What is CarePenguin?

CarePenguin is a sensor and app that detects activity in a house through water use for the purpose of ensuring an elderly loved one living alone is okay. It’s as simple as this: if your loved one is using water like normal, they’re okay. If not, you may want to check in on them.

This activity is displayed on the CarePenguin app where family members and caregivers can see it and receive alerts if there’s a lack of activity, encouraging them to check in.

Invite Family Members

Users can invite multiple family members, friends, neighbors, or other caregivers to their CarePenguin account to share the responsibility of caring for a loved one. Everyone can receive alerts for lack of activity so that they can keep an eye out to make sure Mom is going about her normal daily routine.

It Takes a Village

We often hear people say that raising a child takes a village. The same can be said for caring for our elderly loved ones. Our parents taught us, cheered us on, comforted us, and cared for us. Now, we can give back and care for them. 

If you think you and your family would benefit from CarePenguin, we’d love for you to give it a try! Sign up today.