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Companion Pets for Elderly Loved Ones

Joy, laughter, and play are all key components to a happy life, no matter what age you are. If you have an elderly loved one that lives independently, Joy for All’s Companion Pets can be an excellent way to combat loneliness and negative effects of isolation in older adults. It’s all the joy of owning a pet, with none of the responsibility! 

What are Companion Pets?

In 2015, Hasbro set out to find new markets by fostering connection, joy, and playfulness. An innovation team was formed called Joy for All that started working on products in the health and wellness space. Before leaving Hasbro in 2018 and forming Ageless Innovation, Joy for All came up with Companion Pets: interactive, robotic cats and dogs.

Benefits of Companion Pets

Studies have shown that owning a pet can improve a person’s mental health. The idea with Companion Pets is to provide that same comfort, happiness, and calmness of a cat or dog without having to feed, scoop litter, or walk it. 

Companion Pets are great for older adults who are living somewhere where pets aren’t allowed or they aren’t able to care for a pet. They have shown to have a positive impact on isolation, loneliness, dementia, and Alzheimers. 

According to Ageless Innovation, Companion Pets can improve older adults lives in the following ways: 

  • Facilitate integrational connection
  • Stimulate conversation and communication in withdrawn residents
  • Calm anxiety and soothe those that are agitated
  • Increase quality of life for those with dementia who are socially isolated
  • Can improve behavior without the use of drugs

(Ageless Innovation)

Shop Companion Pets

The Companion Cats come in three different colors: silver, tuxedo, and orange tabby. They are sold on Joy for All’s website at $124.99.

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Shop Companion Cats

There are two different Companion Pups available: golden and freckled. The pups are sold on their website for $139.99.

Shop Companion Pups

Check out Ageless Innovation’s website to learn more about Companion Pets. They are also available to purchase on Best Buy’s website!

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