CarePenguin Sensor with invite family and alert app screens

CarePenguin’s New Pricing

We have switched up our pricing structure, now offering a FREE version of the CarePenguin app!

What is CarePenguin

CarePenguin brings peace of mind to families with elderly or disabled loved ones living independently by detecting activity in a house through water use. The act of turning a tap on or off is recognized by our device and displayed on our app where family members or other caregivers can see that activity. 

No motion sensors, no cameras, and no wearables needed. It takes five minutes to install and connects to the home’s WiFi. CarePenguin can offer a safety net for those living alone, and peace of mind for their loved ones. 

New Pricing

The CarePenguin In-Home Activity Sensor is now $99 and comes with a free version of the app. What is offered on this CarePenguin Basic service?

  • Users will be able to check their CarePenguin account at any time to see when their loved one started their day, how many times they’ve been active, and the last time their loved one used water.
  • Users will also be able to see this activity on our sensor graph screens where they can drill down on activity levels.

CarePenguin Premium

Customers will be able to upgrade to CarePenguin Premium for more features and peace of mind. Our Premium service is $48/year and users can upgrade by logging into their account on our online portal by clicking “Upgrade Subscription” under the “My Account” tab. What does CarePenguin Premium include?

  • Everything in the basic service and more.
  • Invite family members to your CarePenguin account to share the responsibility of caring for a loved one, even from afar. Check out this case study on how our customer Emma and her mom worked together to care for her grandmother using this feature.
  • Set up activity notifications. Users can set up times during the day when they know their loved one will be active, and, during these times, CarePenguin watches for activity. If there is no activity detected, a push notification will be sent encouraging them to check in and make sure everything is okay.

We are excited to offer this new pricing plan and add more features to CarePenguin Premium in the future. CarePenguin will also be offered at retailers soon, so keep your eyes out!