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Prevent Falls with StrideTech’s Smart Walker

Many senior citizens use a mobility device, such as a walker, to stay balanced and mobile. Unfortunately, the National Center for Injury Prevention has found that about 47,300 people aged 65 and older suffer injuries from falls every year using walking aids that land them in the Emergency Room. Walkers are seven times more likely to be involved in a fall than a cane.

StrideTech, a startup company in the business of helping the elderly, is dedicated to preventing falls involving walkers, and therefore improving the lives of older adults, their families, and healthcare professionals. Their product, StrideTech Go, is an innovative walker attachment with smart technology that monitors and corrects common walker misuse to prevent injury. And guess what? You can invest in StrideTech today on the equity crowdfunding platform StartEngine!

How StrideTech Go Works

How it works is simple. It easily attaches to any walker, and it detects if too much weight is being placed on the handles of the walker, indicating the older adult is hunched over, not steady on their feet, and at risk of falling. StrideTech Go vibrates to signal to the user that they are putting too much weight on their hands and to stand up straighter for proper walker use. 

Monitor Your Loved One’s Walker Use

StrideTech Go connects to their app where family members or caregivers can monitor walker use in real time, gain confidence in how their loved one is progressing with mobility, and peace of mind that they’re okay and haven’t fallen. StrideTech Go’s data can also be sent to healthcare professionals to help inform care. 

Why Older Adults and Senior Living Staff Love StrideTech

StrideTech Go user Barbara loves her smart walker attachment. “As soon as you put StrideTech Go on the market, I’ll be there,” Barbara glowed. Watch her full testimonial here:

StrideTech not only benefits older adults but senior living communities too. Here’s what Emily, the Community Development Director at Modena had to say.

How You Can Help

In order for StrideTech Go to become widely available and medically certified, they need funding. That’s why they launched their StartEngine equity crowdfunding campaign! StrideTech already has partnerships with research labs and senior living communities lined up, all they need is funding to bring StrideTech Go to market. They will use the money raised to build 100 units of inventory, develop their app, and begin large pilot studies. You can help! 

According to their campaign, here’s why you should invest.

  • After 3 years of testing and research, we believe we have perfected our technology behind our product, and our patent application has been issued by the USPTO and an international patent has been filed with the PCT. 
  • Our Age-tech estimate for the largest 35 American consumer brands adds up to $350B. (Longevity Technology)
  • We have a strong team of advisors and partners with deep industry experience including PhDs, doctors, and entrepreneurs who believe in the product and company and have invested their time and money. We are personally affected by this problem, giving us the motivation, passion, and urgency to find a solution.

(StrideTech’s StartEngine Campaign)

Visit StrideTech’s StartEngine campaign page to learn more about StrideTech, and how to invest.

We love to see startups with the same values as CarePenguin: to empower older adults to age gracefully and remain independent while bringing peace of mind to their family members. We can’t wait to see what is in store for StrideTech!