CarePenguin Enterprise Dashboard on desktop and mobile

CarePenguin Enterprise: Non-Invasive Check-In for Independent Living

We are excited to announce a new enterprise product for senior living and in-home care organizations to non-invasively keep tabs on residents! 

CarePenguin’s Consumer Product

CarePenguin successfully brought peace of mind to families with elderly loved ones living independently with our In-Home Activity Sensor and CarePenguin app. Our customers range from adult children with parents in independent living, to grandchildren caring for their grandparents, to mothers with disabled children living independently. “It’s so awesome that it works! I got a notification that activity was low at my grandma’s house and called to find out she was sick,” our customer Emma shared. 

CarePenguin detects activity in a home through water use for the purpose of ensuring an older adult living alone is okay. Caregivers can see this activity on the CarePenguin app, receive alerts for lack of activity, and invite others to their account. 

CarePenguin for Senior Living and Home Care

Now, we are expanding into senior living and home care with our enterprise product. CarePenguin’s enterprise dashboard allows staff to see residents’ activity without having to use cameras, motion sensors, or wearable devices. It’s as simple as seeing if residents have turned on their taps as usual and if not, checking in on them.

The CarePenguin enterprise dashboard allows staff to see which residents have been active, receive alerts for lack of activity, and prioritize care. The days of requiring independent living residents to press a button on the wall every day to show they’re up and active are gone. 

Why Hot Water?

Hot water is a great proxy for human behavior. From our research, we’ve found that the average senior citizen uses water six to ten times a day. It’s an accurate and comprehensive signal of someone’s daily activity in their home. 

Join our Pilot Program

Because of the simplicity in our technology, CarePenguin is significantly more affordable than other solutions. We’re looking to chat with senior living facilities and home care providers to join our pilot program. We’d love to chat with you, learn more about your organization, and create a solution that works for you. If you’re interested, please fill out the form here and we will get in touch.