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Inspired by Family

CarePenguin was inspired by Marlo’s grandmother who wasn’t answering her phone one day. After many missed calls and text messages, her family grew increasingly concerned, especially because Grandma’s sister had just passed away months earlier from a stroke while living alone. Marlo’s family ended up calling security to check in on her and found that she was completely fine.

There must be a way to keep tabs on our elderly loved ones without making them feel like they’re living under a microscope or breaking the bank.

Coming from a family of nerds, Marlo’s father and now CTO of CarePenguin, Todd Vernon came up with a simple, non-invasive, inexpensive solution. We are excited to bring you CarePenguin!
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Meet the team bringing you peace of mind
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Marlo Vernon

Founder & CEO

Marlo is a Leeds School of Business graduate with a degree in Marketing and a passion for Entrepreneurship. She started CarePenguin while in college and is dedicated to serve the underrepresented market of senior citizens and their families.

Todd Vernon.jpg Todd Vernon, CEO of VictorOps, (former CEO of Lijit Inc., former CTO of Raindance), photo courtesy of Todd Vernon, archived on 12/28/12

Todd Vernon

Co-Founder & CTO
Todd Vernon is a serial entrepreneur and self-proclaimed nerd. He designed our CarePenguin sensor and is always full of good ideas. He is also the CEO’s dad but does not annoy everyone with dad jokes.
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Anonymous Penguin

Co-Founder & Software Nerd
Our anonymous penguin is not only technically trained, but also mysterious. He’s coding away in the background ensuring you get updates on your loved one’s activities and notifications if something’s wrong. Not all heroes wear capes.