CarePenguin Enterprise

Non-Invasive Check In for Independent Living

No cameras. No motion sensors. No wearables.

Remote monitoring for independent living and home care

Know your residents are okay, be alerted if they're not

  • See all your residents’ activity state at a glance
  • Be alerted about a resident’s lack of activity
  • Prioritize check-ins

No need for residents to push a button everyday as a “check-in.” CarePenguin tells you if they’ve been up and about in their home. 

CarePenguin app graph of loved one's activity

How it works

CarePenguin detects activity in a house through hot water use

The CarePenguin Activity Sensor simply detects anytime someone turns on a tap in their house. Hot water use is an excellent indicator of human behavior. Know if patients go about their day like normal and detect lack of activity.

Our consumer product

CarePenguin for Families

CarePenguin brings peace of mind to families with elderly loved ones living independently.

Users can see their loved one’s activity by hour, set up and receive alerts if there’s a lack of activity, and invite family members to their account.

Quick and Easy Setup

1. Connect the CarePenguin sensor to the home's wifi

The CarePenguin activity sensor easily connects to the home’s wifi through the CarePenguin app. No additional nodes or hubs needed.

CareePenguin sensor and app connect to sensor screen

2. Hook sensor onto hot water pipe on water heater

Simply zip-tie the CarePenguin sensor onto the hot water pipe output in a home and plug into a nearby outlet. No tools needed!

3. Use the CarePenguin dashboard

See residents’ activity at a glance using the CarePenguin dashboard and prioritize care.

4. Start receiving notificatioins

Set up and receive notifications for lack of activity through the CarePenguin dashboard and mobile app.

CarePenguin new sensor setup screen and water heater

Simple and Non-invasive

One sensor detects activity throughout the entire home

The CarePenguin Activity Sensor hooks onto the hot water pipe output on a water heater and detects whenever someone turns on a faucet anywhere in the home.

No need for motion sensors or cameras in every room–just one CarePenguin sensor.

Water use is a signal for activity in a home

The average senior citizen uses water seven times a day

Anytime someone uses even just a tiny bit of hot water, CarePenguin detects it. Our Activity Sensor can detect activities of daily living such as making tea, washing hands, showering, doing dishes, doing laundry, etc.

CarePenguin sensor and graph of water use activities

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